For Professionals with Anxiety Disorders

Being a professional in New York has its unique stressors.
The cost of living is insane.
Your competition at work is intense.
You’re constantly second-guessing yourself…and you don’t have any work-life balance.
All of this leads to unbearable anxiety for many of us.
You can keep living with this intolerable tension, or, you can make a conscious choice to change your life.

I help professionals:

  • Create satisfying work-life balance in their lives.
  • Find and create meaningful relationships.
  • Sleep better.
  • Feel less on-edge and more relaxed.
  • Perform better at your job because you’re less stressed.
  • Learn to actually relax and enjoy the good life!

In our daily lives, anxiety is normal and manageable.  But, if you’re looking for a therapist, chances are you already know you’ve gone past normal anxiety and it’s time to get help.  If you are experiencing anxiety that is not going away, or is getting worse and more difficult to tolerate, you might have an Anxiety Disorder that I can help you address.