Diagnostic Assessment and Consultation

Individual Psychotherapy

The first step is to have a consultation, which will take one or more sessions. During the consultation, I will ask you about what problems brought you to my office, and the nature of your current and past difficulties. During these sessions, I will conduct a thorough assessment, which helps to determine the direction for your personalized treatment. After the consultation, I will share my observations and recommendations regarding the type of treatment that is optimal for your benefit. I will tailor a treatment recommendation to your personality and your needs.

Individual Psychotherapy consists of a 45-minute session, at least once a week. My approach is psychodynamic, in which I will help you to better understand yourself and ultimately have you feel better. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is based on the concept that unconscious factors influence our emotions and dictate our behaviors. Psychodynamic psychotherapy thereby gets to the root of the problem. In addition, I work closely with experts in the medication treatment for Mood Disorders.

Psychotherapy Groups

Telehealth (Online assessment and psychotherapy)

Areas of Expertise

Psychotherapy for Depressive Disorders and Anxiety Disorders

Perinatal Mood Disorders